Seminar in Finland 21-24 November

Apply now to the seminar “Youth rights: education, employment, and participation – northern and southern perspectives on inclusive democracy” in Helsinki, Finland in 21–24 November 2013!

Young people are facing significant obstacles in their lives in the current post-crisis climate of the European Union: youth unemployment is alarmingly high in some countries and rising in others. The number of youths not in education, employment, or training is growing. What is more, the prospects of youths in struggling parts of Europe seem to be diverging from those of youths in countries that have managed to avoid the worst crises. Are youths becoming a lost generation? What can we do to avoid that becoming reality? What about youth rights?

The four-day seminar is organised by JEF-Finland together with 11 partner organisations from six countries. During the seminar, we will explore tools of active participation in civil society and politics as a means for youths to tackle problems, to develop a well-functioning democracy, and to simultaneously integrate themselves in society. As part of the intensive seminar, you will also gain information on the coming European parliamentary elections in May 2014 and take part in developing methods to address issues that concern and interest you in the coming elections. You also get the chance to meet young Europeans from across Europe and experience Finland
in late November – so apply now!

We will cover accommodation and full board during the seminar, i.e. from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon. 70 % of travelling costs will be reimbursed after the seminar based on original tickets. Participation fee is 50 euros and will be paid by bank/giro
transfer before the seminar.

The seminar is open for members of partner organisations. Please note that the participants will be selected on the basis of first-come, first-served, so make sure to apply fast!

Please, apply here!

Note: The deadline for applications is 31 October 2013. Please book your tickets only after receiving a letter of confirmation from the organisers.