MEU Madrid 2015 – off the starting blocks!

openingThroughout the day participants from across Europe, not just the European Union, arrived in Madrid for the start of MEU Madrid 2015.   It wasn’t without it’s mishaps, with some participants having to make several connections to reach Spain and others being prevented from bringing their national dishes to share with other participants.

Keep alert for our reporters who will be covering the event!


Photo of MEU website.

Model European Union 2015

Photo of MEU website.Model European Union (MEU) Madrid is a simulation of how the three main bodies of the European Union (the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union) function. Young people from all over Europe are welcomed to come and represent the role of a Commission, Member of the European Parliament, Minister, Journalist or a lobbyist during four days around the debate, negotiation and voting of a European law.
The event will simulate the functioning of the EU institutions following the real example of how the EU would treat an European Citizens Initiative. MEU will be held in English.

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